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2005-08-20 Since I'm experiencing some delicated personal problems this year and can't give this project the dedication it requires, I decided to release all I've got in CVS: extension, compiler, pbc(PHP Base Classes) and tests. I'll still be the maintaner of this project and keep trying to finish this work. Any help will be really welcome.
2004-06-20 Starting the server-side implementation: mapping the MICO Servant to PHP.
2004-05-20 Got interoperability with IDL::Fixed between JacORB and CORBA4PHP(MICO).
2004-02-28 Monograph(pt-BR) and IDL-to-PHP Language Mapping Specification released.
2004-02-26 File release soon...
2004-02-19 Fixing the object "storing" due to "New destructors implementation" introduced in the engine.
2003-12-15 Interoperability test: Sun and JacORB passed !
2003-11-10 IDL to PHP Compiler(idl2php) running. See project status below.
2003-10-20 IDL to PHP Language Mapping Specification v0.1 almost done.


CORBA for PHP is a PHP5 extension to use CORBA objects in PHP. If you need a PHP4 extension, Universe is the answer !

The purpose of this project is to provide:

Status of this project

  1. IDL-to-PHP Language Mapping Specification is in alpha stage.

  2. IDL-to-PHP Language Compiler(idl2php) is in alpha stage. What's working:

  1. CORBA for PHP is in pre-alpha stage. What's working:


Source Code

Supporting the development of CORBA for PHP

I really need your help! Send patches for the specification, compiler or CORBA extension to me

About the author

My name is Cristiano da Cunha Duarte( and I'm graduated in Computer Science by the Minas Gerais Catholic University (
This project is my monograph and final project for the specialist degree in Computer Network Application Design at Brasilia University (

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